Ossur CTI®3 Knee Braces
Ossur CTI®3 Knee Braces
Ossur CTI®3 Knee Braces
man wearing soft hinged knee brace
Ossur CTI®3 Knee Braces
Ossur CTI®3 Knee Braces

Ossur CTI®3 Knee Braces


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CTi3 is an off-the-shelf ligament knee brace designed to provide functional support for ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL injuries. It features a lightweight and rigid frame with Accutrac hinges for anatomical motion control.

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The CTi3 off-the-shelf ligament knee brace helps provide functional support of the ACL, PCL, LCL and MCL. This holistically designed brace features a rigid, anterior, dual upright frame that is anatomically accurate and contours the leg. Low profile Accutrac® hinges mimic the natural motion of the knee and work in conjunction with a circumferential padding and strap system to help secure proper brace alignment and suspension. The CTi3 provides users with an accurately-tracking exoskeletal support designed to help maximize protection without sacrificing performance.

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Lightweight: Cutting-edge carbon composite materials and streamlined frame design enable the CTi3 to be significantly lighter in weight without sacrificing rigidity or durability.

Anatomical Fit: Thousands of leg molds and patient data were analyzed to maximize the anatomical accuracy in the fit and functionality of the CTi3.

Truly Rigid: Carbon composite materials, innovative production techniques and unique frame design combine to produce a CTi3 frame that is extremely rigid, strong and durable.

Low-profile: All aspects of CTi3 frame and hinge design have been streamlined to provide the more intimate and low-profile fit needed to maximize performance for sports.

Modular Components: Easy-to-use accessories and replacement parts get you back in the action faster than ever.



Accutrac Hinge: Anatomically accurate hinges are streamlined and mimic the natural movement of the knee.

Carbon Composite Frame: Rigid, anterior, dual upright frame is lightweight and anatomically designed to follow the contours of the leg. 

Easy Pull Straps: Textured pull tabs and aggressive hook-and-loop provide easy and secure strap application.

Circumferential Padding: Tibial padding is tacky, textured and wraps circumferentially around the belly of the calf to lock the brace securely on the tibia.

Impact Ready: The impact guard offers full-coverage protection when you need it.


Indiations For Use

For knee conditions that may benefit from increased AP and ML stability and protection, such as injuries to the ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities