Stress Fractures in the Foot


      Stress fractures in the foot are common in many runners and athletes. They're also very difficult to treat, and even harder to find relief for. Shop-Orthopedics has compiled a list of foot braces below that can help compress your foot to help relieve inflammation and pain associated with stress fractures.

      If you have a stress fracture, keep in mind that the only way your foot will truly heal is with time - some of our products might help stabilize the foot or reduce pain, but this doesn't make it any safer to run on a stress fracture. If you do have a stress fracture, don't run or do high impact activities for a while - give your body time to heal.

      Whether you're dealing with a fracture or need added ankle support for walking, our products are engineered to meet your needs. Each orthopedic ankle brace in our collection is designed with precision to align and support the ankle, facilitating a safer and faster recovery process. These braces are ideal for individuals seeking to regain their mobility and strength while ensuring the injured area is protected against further injury.

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      Ossur Rebound Air Walker
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      Ossur Formfit Walker
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      Ossur Formfit Air Walker - Replacement Softgoods
      Ossur Evenup Shoelift
      Ossur Techform Casting Tape
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      Aspen Traverse Air Walker - Orthopedic Ankle Support
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